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Online Roulette Game

Online Roulette Game

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d and ruthless as gravitation. This being so, the mind is for the sake of the body, and not conversely. Evolution is not making for truth and righteousness as for greater or even as for co-ordinate ends; but simply for life, to which sometimes truth and righteousness, but just as often illusion and selfishness, are means. There is nothing therefore in this process of Nature to make us trust that our mind really makes for online roulette game truth as such, or that it has any essential tendency to greater

online roulette game

correspondence with reality, beyond what subserves to fuller animal existence. The fact that a certain belief makes animal life possible is no proof of its truth, but only of its expediency.

The extent to which many pleasures depend on illusion is proverbial; and pleasure is almost the note of vital vigour, according to this philosophy. Plainly, our argument from the adaptability of a belief to man's higher moral needs, vanishes into thin air as soon as the key to the order of nature is thus sought in a blind non-moral tendency, and when that which is lowest is put at the top, and everything above it made to minister to it. But then it is not only online roulette game this particular argument that perishes, but all possibility of arguing at all, all faith in our mental faculties, except so far as they minister to the finding of food and the propagation of life.

Thus the very attempt to prove such a system of Evolution is a contradiction, since it cuts away all basis of proof. On this I need online roulette game not dwell

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longer, since it has been worked out so fully and clearly by others. We get rid of the argument from adaptability, by a conception of the order of Nature that reduces us to mental and moral chaos. In its semblance of simplicity this form of Evolution-philosophy shows itself kin to those other old-world attempts to dispense with a governing mind, and to educe the existing cosmos from the blind strife of primordial atoms.

It has SecondPart300-400 indeed a more plausible basis, seeing how many things, too quickly attributed to design in a theological age, online

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roulette game online roulette game can really be explained by the struggle for existence.

But in

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trying to SecondPart300-400 make an occasional and partial cause universal and ultimate, it has undertaken the impossible task of bringing the greater out of the less; which really means bringing their difference out of nothing--and this is creation with the


First Cause left out; that is, spontaneous creation. It is from first to last an "aggregation" theory, and has to face the insupportable burdens which such a theory black jack roulette brings with it.

Haunted by a false analogy drawn from the political organism whose members are intelligent and self-directive, and who put themselves under an intelligent government to be marshalled and directed

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to one common end--haunted by this black jack roulette anthropomorphic conception, it tries to explain online roulette game how independent and indestructible units, void of all intelligence, come together into polities with no assignable government; online gambling game craps roulette and how these groups or polities, which are nothing separate from the sum of their components, are aggregated to SecondPart300-400 one another in like manner; until at last we come to the highest

online roulette game

organism, which again is only the sum of its ultimate atoms, and its activity the sum of their activities--the online roulette game whole distinction between highest and lowest organism being such as exists between a society of two and a highly co ...

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