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World Cup Football

World Cup Football

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... n is there for assuming primordial homogeneity, since every backward step would show us, together with the unravelling of what is now in process of weaving, a counter-balancing weaving of what is world cup football now in process of disintegration? Were this earth all, we might dream of universal advance by shutting our eyes to a great many incompatible facts; but when our telescopes show us the co-existence of integration and disintegration everywhere, what can we conclude but that in the past as in the future, no alteration is to be looked

world cup football

for beyond the shifting of the waves' crest from side to side of the sea of matter--the total ratio of depressions to elevations remaining

world cup world cup football football

exactly constant. Were the other view of an original universal homogeneity correct, how conies it that we have still co-existent every stage of world cup football advance from the lowest to the highest, and that there is not a greater equality?--a difficulty which does not exist if world cup football we suppose things to have been _on the whole,_ as they are now, from the very first. But whichever view we take; whether we suppose all things collectively to SecondPart300-400 oscillate between recurring extremes of "sameness" and "otherness;" or every stage of the wave of progress from crest to trough, to be simultaneously manifested in the universe at all times, the old difficulty of "the beginning" will force itself upon us. A process _ab aeterno_ is at least as unimaginable as the process of creation _ex nihilo;_ if it be not altogether inconceivable to boot.

And the alternative is, either a primordial state of homogeneous matter which contains the present cosmos in germ, and from which it world cup football is evolved without the aid of any environment--such a germ claiming a designer world cup football as much as any ready-made perfect world; or else, a primordial state of things like that which we should get at any cross-section of the secular process, in which every stage of life and death, growth and decay, evolution and involution, is represented as now.

This would include fossils world cup football and remains of past civilizations which (in the hypothesis) would never have existed; and would be in all respects as difficult as the crudest conception of the creation-hypothesis. And if this absurdity drives us back to primordial homogeneity, as before, we must remember world cup football that here, too, though not so evidently, we should have all the signs of an antecedent process that was non-existent. Life and death, corruption and integration, are parts of one undulatory process.

Cut the wave world cup football where you will its curve claims to be finished in both directions and suggests a before as well as an after.

If, in the very bet football SecondPart300-400 online nature of things, the pendulum sways between confusion and order, chaos and cosmos, each extreme world cup football intrinsically demands the other, not only as its consequent, but as its antecedent; and the first chaos, no less than any succeeding one, will seem the ruin of a previous cosmos. Therefore we are driven back upon a process _ab aeterno_ with every stage of evolution always simultaneously represented in one part or other of the whole. Whatever mitigation such a conception may offer, surely we may be excused for still adhering to that simpler explanation which involves a mystery indeed, but nothing so positively unthinkable as a process without a beginning. 5. This same conception of a process without beginning, favours the notion that since life was possible on our globe all species may well have co-existed in varying proportions. From the sudden spread of population through almost accidental conditions, we can imagine how certain species might have been so scarce as to leave no trace in geological strata, whereas those which enormously preponderated at the same time would have done so. A change of conditions might easily cause the former to preponderate, and their sudden appearance in the strata would look as though they had then first come into being. In a word, we can have good evidence for the extinction of species, but scarcely any for their origination. This supposition is not adverse to the derivation of species from a common stock, but rather favours the notion that as in the case of the individual the period of plasticity is short compared with that of morphological stability, so if there was such an arboreal branching out of species from a common root, it took place rapidly in conditions as different from ours as those of uterine from extra-uterine life; and that the stage of inflexibility may have been reached before any time of which we have record. But in truth when we see in the world of chemical substances an altogether similar sedation of species where there can be no question of common descent as its cause, we may well suspend our judgment till the established facts have excluded the many hypotheses other than Evolution by which they may be explained. As long as Evolution claims to be no more than a working scientific hypothesis, like ether or electric fluid--a sort of frame or subjective category into which observed facts are more conveniently fitted, it ...

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World Cup Football

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